Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekends are the best, are they not?

Blouse:Wallis,Camisole:Zara, Leggings and bracelets:Mango, Bag:Gifted, Footwear:Monsoon

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Let your weekend wardrobe be casual and comfortable. The perfect outfit for a relaxed weekend would be a cute dress and flats or loose tees and funky leggings.

Here are my top tips on looking chic in casuals during weekends:

ü      Avoid complicated garments like lace and structured silhouettes.
ü      Ditch the heels. If you still want that extra height, opt for wedges or high tops instead.
ü      Wear something that’s not too body hugging.
ü      Choose a light, airy fabric.
ü      Pull out leggings-any color any print.
ü      Opt for a cross body bag or something you can carry leaving your hands free.
ü      Don a top knot or a girly braid.
ü      Never forget to accessorize. More on the wrists.

Remember, less is more when you have a lot of errands to run. Also I always say, accessorizing is the best way to looking effortlessness chic, no matter what you're wearing.


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