Sunday, September 2, 2012

Focus on these shoes please

Shoes:Zara, Dress and Leggings:H&M, Blazer:F21, Bag:Mango, Sunnies:Stradivarius
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I am SO psyched about these kitten heels from Zara. I was actually a little hesitant at first because I usually hate kitten heels, but these I love because:

1. It’s not really a new born kitten, it’s sort of like a little grown up kitten. (If that made sense to you, let’s become friends.)
2. Its suede which means it gives off a dark black look as opposed to leather.
3. The pointed toes. I LOVE IT.

They’re so comfortable and I can walk all day in them. Seriously contemplating getting them in red as well.

On another note, how smart is this georgette jacket? It looks amazing with or without the belt.Ways to wear it? COUNTLESS. I think this blazer is my best buy this season, after my fabulous shoes of course!

Honorable mention to my Best Friend, who clicked these photographs :)



  1. love the shoes! love the blazer! great styling!<3

  2. Magnificent shots! Also #TIL what kitten heels are. Day has been made :D

  3. wow ur style is really improving. i love all ur new looks and everytime i think that nothing can beat this look, u easily manage to outdo urself. cheers to ur fantastic sensibility of pulling off the elegance with the chic!

  4. Gorgeousness!! love every single detail of this post! Very very nice location and beautiful photography. And obviously the model Makes everything look good. Keep it up