Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project Organization .

Last night, as you lay in bed, you thought about what you were going to wear to work the next day.*I'll wear my Zara pencil skirt, that new blouse I picked up from Mango and my favorite Dune shoes. I want to look sexy, but in a very subtle way*
You wake up early on a Sunday morning for your big presentation.You've showered, brushed, hair all done, had some breakfast and you're standing in the bedroom, staring wide-eyed into what seems like China, with a population of 1,338,299,500-The Closet.
On days when you don't want to wear your skirt, its on every other hanger in the closet and on the day you want it, it's no where in sight! Suddenly you cant find the skirt, you realize the new blouse you got has a seam undone and the shoes have a scratch on the leather in the most obvious part visible to the human eye. You then spend , what seems like a year, looking for the skirt with no luck.You're half an hour late and you opt for something else to wear.
You show up to work:
  • An hour an a half late.
  • Not looking your best.
  • With zero confidence.
  • And eventually giving a very poor presentation.
The next day you're boss gives you a termination letter.

There are women who look so good- a photo shopped face, perfect features, flawless skin, clothes without a single wrinkle- you know, the kinds that look like they've stepped out of a magazine. That is only because they have the time to dress up. Who doesn't like to dress up?
The most-commonly used excuse by women all over the world for not looking their best is- "I have no time."
Make the time. Take some time to try out different hairstyles, apply a little make up,lay out your clothes the day before, and most importantly- ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET!

Here are a few tips and tricks as to how to organize and make the best out of the space you have to store your clothes and accessories:

1) The salt and pepper theory:
 This works exactly like salt and pepper on the dinner table. They are always in separate shakers, but when combined, create magic with food. Similarly, never mix up tops and bottoms.Keep your jeans away from your tees and skirts away from blouses.
This way, you can visualize what to wear with what, how to mix and match and color-block.
It is easier to keep jeans folded, to stack it up from a lightwash to dark and a seperate stack for colored denim and another stack for whites.

2)The hangman theory:
This rule applies to all tops, t shirts, blouses, embellished tops and so on. All delicate blouses MUST be hanged, including embellished tops and cotton shirts that are bound to crease.
Basics can be folded up neatly and placed under all hanging blouses. Shirts that are blended or poly-based can also be folded.
This rule also applies to skirts. Pleated skirts should always be hung to keep shape. Here's a trick. To avoid the knife pleats from rearranging themselves on your favorite skirt,hang a blazer on the same hanger, over the skirt to protect it.

3)The Heels : Flats importance
Yes, we all know all women love their shoes- giving more attention to a shoe with heels 4 inches and above. But ladies, you all know deep down inside that flat shoes are your forever, while heels-you rebound with every now and then.
Always organize shoes by placing the ones that are used more often in front.A few of your favorite flats, a couple of your comfiest heels, followed by the 5.5 and six inches behind.Jewelled and suede shoes must be stored in  boxes while slouchy boots should be stored with the pull up's upright. Here's a trick on how to keep them standing.Take two old magazines, roll them up and keep one in each boot.Dont forget to take out all your leather shoes/boots and lightly oil them once in a while. This helps them last longer.

Box up suede and lace and all your expensive shoes.

Boots must be stored upright to keep shape.

4)The "Accessories are not just to make you look pretty" theory:
Who said accessories only make you look pretty? They make your room look pretty! Dont store accessories in your cupboard unless they're expensive. Take out all your thrifted rings, bracelets and necklaces and put them up on your dressing table.You can also get a decorative box and put in all accessories used very often. Be creative.Here's a tip: Buy a twisted flower branch- you get these at any home decor outlets, and fix them on your dressing table. Hang up all your accessories and twist the branches around to keep them in place. These not only look pretty,they save up so much time when dressing up- Just take a look at your accessory tree to match in a jiffy!!

Another tip to make the best of available space is to use that one unwanted rod in the most inconvenient place in your cupboard, to hang up some of the bangles you wear only occasionally.

5)The " You can never have too many" theory.
This applies to nail polishes, Lipsticks and other cosmetics that must be changed according to the occasion.Did you guys know that there are foundations you can wear to a funeral? - I'm talking about Indian funerals, where the women are supposed to look like she's cried for a whole year.Yes, foundations that make you look pale and tired- I'm not going to get into that now, but cosmetics storage is very important ! If you own way too many, make sure you do a check every month to see the texture of liquid foundations , primers and nail polishes. Make sure your mascaras are changed more frequently. Know what to keep and what to get rid of, and make sure make-up brushes are cleaned!! If you dont know how to clean your brushes, visit the Make up manual here :
You can also store nail polishes in a fancy tray and keep them on your dressing table!

Do leave us comments and share some of your tips and tricks with us !!
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