Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colors of Love!

Colors of Love

Who said red was the only color of love? Love has many colors-Firstly the very obvious red and shades of red-everything from coral to cadmium, then blue, green, purple, black  and the purest-white.
This Valentines, Taash decided to stick to the traditional red. Why? Because the whole world is thinking-Let's be diffrent and wear white or pink.So there's too much of  "thinking out of the box" going on, We are sticking to RED.

 Today our design team in the office is dressed in red.While someone is wearing a high risk red,others are wearing a tango red or a less-red, more-orange flame.We like to be particular very particular about the colours we wear, so yes, you think you're wearing a red while we are thinking,"Uh-uh.thats more towards the orange".But whatever the color of your outfit, as long as the love is there, You'll be fine.

Check out our youngest models Rawan and Renad pose for the camera in some of Tasha's designs!

Surprises at work !
                             The Pantone book. Now you know why we are OCD with colors !

Happy Valentines day.Feel free to leave us comments or email us on TasashDesign@gmail.com.You can also visit the Chictopia page by hitting the badge on the top left to see some of Tasha's designs styled by Ashwathy.
Here we are, blowing kisses your way this valentines day. Tasha in a High risk red top(own design) and Ash in Fiery red, River Island.

X's and O's,
Tasha and Ashwathy


  1. My luvly daughters! Good job tasha and ashwathy! Keep using my daughters as your models and design nice clothes for them !!

  2. Happy Valentine's day Taash :D Love the designs! Good luck guys

  3. Thank you guys !! We encourage our followers to give us there comments, may be it be good or bad !
    Hope every one had a brilliant valentines !!