Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Be stylish, but practical.

We often come across those few women in the mall that we look at and think to ourselves, "Seriously? You're wearing that to the mall?". There have been many posts on what to wear and what not to wear, but today we're telling you what to wear and where.
To turn heads in a room ( in a positive way), you need to learn 3 points:
  •  Know the occasion,
  • Learn the occasion and finally 
  • Be the occassion.
We've seen women wear 6 inches to the mall who come in looking all pretty and tall BUT by the end of the shopping spree( for most women, the average time taken to shop is about 5 hours), theyre wobbling back to the car, and trust us, that is not a pretty sight. Its because of women like that, men ask us-"How can you walk in those?".

Know, learn and be the occasion:

Shopping mall-
This is your second home.Dont deny it. If you have come to do some serious shopping and not just window shop, you dont want to be wearing heels higher than 4 inches. They'll make you look exausted and tortured, and we want to give off a " Such great bargains" sort of glow as we leave the mall.Another thing to remember is not to wear too many layers while shopping because you dont want to take too much time undressing in the trial room! Opt for sandals, ballet flats or slip on shoes so you dont have to spend too much time when trying on shoes.

Vanessa's sandals are the ones with a zipper at the back, so that will do as well!

Well for us, at the design office, we dont have a dress code at all :) But if you are not as lucky as we are and are restricted to wearing formals, trust us, there's alot you can do with formals. And here , you can bring out all the shoes, 5 inches and higher.
Some women prefer not to wear stockings to work, but ladies, stockings is what defines the entire look. It can be the best part of your outfit.Choose from 15 denier stockings for the summer and opt for the thicker ones for winter.
Accessorise with belts, suspenders and even ties! Dont just stick to black and greys, pair a bright shirt with a high waisted skirt or even try color blocking, keeping the accessories neutral. And go crazy with peter pan collars!!
Also remember to ditch the low neck tops and barely there skirts to work.Oh, and stock up on lots of blazers- every style and every color! Think Victoria Beckham.

Never mix prints with prints unless you can pull it off !!

                                         Pair a cinch belt and a blazer for instant chic !(above)

The Beach:( If you're not planning on jumping in for a swim)
Keep your shoes and boots locked away in a cupboard up high and let them stay there ! Strictcly sandals and flip flops.
Opt for loose fitted kaftans and maxi dresses at the beach, and play with colors.And here's where you can have a lot of fun accessorising. Hats, straw bags and jewellery.Stack up as many colorful bangles as you can.

Dinner Date-
3 words-Dress to impress. Wear your best and most importantly wear your confidence. No rules what so ever here.
Earlier dinner dates meant only LBD's but that was yesteryear. You can even wear jeans and an embellished blouse and look fabulous.Try mixing and matching to create diffrent looks. Dress+leggings,  loose embellished strappy+high waisted skirt, Tight strappy with flowing chiffon maxi skirts and we can go on and on...

                                     (Above) With the right accessories, this will work too.


Most importantly, wear what you are comfortable in and be confident. If you wear confidence, you can wear rags and get away with it.

X's and O's 

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