Sunday, February 12, 2012

About me

Hello and thanks for stopping by.I'm Ashwathy, a 24 year old artist with a passion for fashion and design. I love to sketch, sew, shop, eat , dance, travel and do it all-looking fabulous!
I'm also a freelance designer, illustrator and a stylist. I graduated from fashion school with the "Best Designer' award and have also showcased at Bahrain Fashion Week 2010.
Here at the Style Council it's all about being your best. Follow my personal style notes, product talk and glimpses into the life of a blogger.

For questions and queries, you may write to me on


  1. I'm sooo glad this site is in existence..........
    Good work besty tasha....

  2. Thank you Kish :) meet my partner in silly crime Ashwathy :).... lets hope we dont get too lazy or bored over this in a few days.... need every ones encouragement to get us going. Do feel free to post comments and ideas !! x Tash

  3. I ll give this blog at most one month!! Were you guys bored at work and decided this would be a good idea? In addition to the lifetime 50% off at your store, I want a dress of my choice free of charge IF it ever gets on here! See how smart I am? :) Hi Ashwathy, no offence, just as usually been Tash's inspiration :)

  4. Hi Ramble Bamble,
    I know what you mean, I too started a blog two years back-blogged about two times and that was it. but the point of the blog being operated by two of us, our focus is to push each other to make it work :)
    thanks for joining


  5. Replies
    1. hehe not yet :) u need to join the site, on your right hand side you will find the names of the people who are following and there will be a button that says join this site. Click on that please to follow :)