Saturday, May 30, 2015

Favourite Restaurant Update :Nino Riffa

 If you’ve been keeping a track of ASK crew, you would know that we eat when we’re not shooting and are always on the lookout for good restaurants that are consistent in both service and taste.
Ever since the opening of Nino Riffa, I have only had good things to say about the food. My Instagram was flooded with a chocolate dessert that  is, hands down the best chocolate dessert I’ve had on the island- and yes, it even beats the “chocolate ball” dessert (which was overrated anyway) !. I loved the food at the opening so much; I took my crew the following week to experience the same and have been eating there on a monthly basis ever since.
What’s great about the new branch in Riffa is that it’s away from the hustle-bustle of Seef, where everyone comes to dine. A great get-away during the weekends for great food minus the crowd and usual ambiance, Nino’s Riffa branch promises exceptional food and good service. What’s even better is that the prices won’t burn a hole in your wallet!
While I’m not usually the one to start off with an appetizer before main course, followed by dinner, Nino spoils with choice; forcing you to enjoy all the three courses alongside a refreshing drink that you can select from.
If you do happen to visit Nino soon, Here are a few of my favorite dishes and I proudly recommend them:
Grilled Asparagus with sesame and Miso*
Buffalo chicken wrappers (Highly Recommended)*
Truffle skinny fries (Highly Recommended)*
Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with sundried tomatoes (Highly Recommended)
Veal Al Tartuffo
Warm Belgian Chocolate soufflé cake with Ice cream (Highly Recommended)

*Starters, Appetizers or Sides
Visit Nino Riffa, Royal University for Women campus, opposite Riffa views (13613666) or Seef District, Al Aali Complex (17566555)

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