Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nailed It!

Yesterday I visited my beauty haven, Gloss Salon and Spa to get a quick manicure as my nails have just started growing out stronger.
I used to have weak nails and keeping them long wouldn't help, as they would break very often and look uneven.
Honilett Vidal, also known as Lett at Gloss, is the nail technician and specializes in manicures, nail art and marbling. Here are Lett's tips to keeping your nails strong and healthy:

1. Always keep your nails nourished with a good nail oil, Like Dr. Haushka's neem nail and cuticle care oil.
2. Try to wear darker nail polishes less, as they can stain your nails, causing them to turn yellow.
3. Always wear a good base coat before applying nail paint.
4. For weak nails, massage in olive or almond oil weekly to keep them strong and healthy.
5. Look for nail colors that are DBP, formaldehyde and paraben free.
6. Get Manicures/ Pedicures at least once a month with a good nail specialist and.
7. When you don't absolutely need to, don't wear any nail polish. Simply get a good cleaning, massage and let your nails breathe.

All nail polishes at Gloss are non-toxic and free of DBP, tolulene, parabens and formaldehyde.To book your appointment, call 17826030 NOW!

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