Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cafe Lilou's exciting new Menu

A new menu is soon to be launched at Cafe Lilou, a restaurant that has already grown to be one of the local favorites on the island. As always, Cafe Lilou is always surprising us by new additions and limited edition delicacies on their already perfect menu.
The new menu, set to launch on Feb 2nd, is new and exciting in so many ways. From healthy and hearty quinoa salads to rich traditional arabic breakfast meals and meat cooked to perfection, there really is something for everybody! I highly recommend the eggs with tomato sauce & goats cheese if you decide to stop by for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, it's hard to pick just one dish, so I suggest you go with a bunch of friends and share the food, which makes the experience even more exciting. Finish off with the moist red velvet cake or the chocolate brownie cheesecake. The rose flavored ice cream with cany floss is also exceptionally good, for those who are not big fans of desserts that are too sweet.
Stop by Lilou's after the 2nd of Feb to get a taste of the new menu and dont forget to share your experience with me by simply tagging @askthestylecouncil on instagram or commenting below.

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