Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Watermelon martini

Fall is all about darker colors, true. But being in Bahrain, here's the advantage. Afternoons are still a little sunny currently so don't shy away from brighter hues for a quick bite with the girls.

I am currently obsessed with green as you all know, so anything I see with hints of green , I pick it up without giving it a second thought. Such was the case when I chanced upon these printed jeans at Zara on sale. I love prints but because I only saw printed trousers everywhere in the market, I never really felt the need to buy them because, as weird as it may sound, I hate trousers. Yep. It's true. I hate how they bunch up at the knee after you sit down and get up and what I hate more is the fact that with repeated use the dent at the knee region on the fabric builds in that way. I prefer jeggings, ponte leggings and jeans any day. So when I saw these beautiful printed jeans , I knew I had to have them.

Hating trousers is one of my weirdest closet confessions. What is yours?

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Blouse:Mango, Jeans:Zara, Bag and necklace:Monsoon accessorize, Shoes:Spring


  1. Ah-may-zing colors!!!!!!!!!! And very refreshing. I m craving watermelon now.

  2. Saw something similar at Zara, Bangalore, but was confused whether to pick it up or you have inspired me :) pls give some options of pairing printed jeans with if you have time Ash... Im soo looking forward to it :)

    1. Hi Manju:) what I always try to do while purchasing printed pants is picking out a colour from the print and pairing it with a blouse the same shade. Doesnt have to be exact . And use a contrasting colour bag. If all fails and the print is too loud, a simple qhite tee or blouse and a scarf will work :)

  3. How are you walking around in that outfit in this weather? Brave girl.