Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Restaurant Review- Tilly's

 As you all already know, I love food a bit too much than the usual and I'm always on the look out for new casual lunch spots with my friends and family. It's no doubt that Passion restaurant is among my Top 5 favorite lunch spots in Bahrain, and now I have a new favorite brunch spot.
I've always passed by this pretty little bistro called Tilly's on my way to Jawad dome but never really sat down to eat. So a few weeks back, my sister and I went in , with the intention of having brunch, but the lunch menu looked so inviting, it wasn't long before we gave in.
I love the fact that all the dishes have pictures of what the food looks like so you know what you're getting. I also love that they have a variety of dishes and the fact that it spoils you with choice. Not to forget the special menu for healthy drinks- that have a blend of unusual fruits and vegetables and have extremely cool names!

We had the Grilled salmon and couscous, chicken and avocado salad (huge portions BTW) two health drinks and the total came up to BHD 13.000 only. Oh and needless to say, I've been going back for more as I really do want to try everything on the menu. Everything I've had so far was extremely good.

Beautiful ambiance, quiet surroundings, friendly staff and great food at such an affordable rate? what more can you ask for?
P.S: I highly recommend the shrimp pasta diabolo .

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Tilly's is located at Jawad Dome, Budaiya.

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