Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rocca Salad

I love winters more than summer days. Yes it's true. Apart from your face not melting off, there's lots of wonderful things about winter. Warm cuddles with a loved one, salted caramel mocha, bonfires and lots more. Style wise, you can layer separates to truly define your style. In summer, it's minimal clothing, so it really depends on the garment itself. Anyone can throw on shorts, a tank top and wedges. What's stylish in that? So this winter, bring out your layering ideas and layer away this festive season.

I love working with jackets and cardigans more than woolen pull-overs so whatever this unpredictable weather throws my way, I am always ready.

On a completely different note, I'm having an extremely hard time picking out my new years outfit this year. The shops in Bahrain aren't enough for me currently and I  have this sudden penchant for all things green, so yes, I'm on the hunt for the perfect green dress. Not just any green dress, the perfect one! I, myself don't know what it looks like yet, but I know that when I spot it, I'll know that's the one.

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Cardigan: Piazza Italia, Top and Jeans:Mango, Bag:Monsoon, Shoes:Zara, Watch: Anne Klein


  1. "Ufff"ness !!! - totally I say! How do you always end up looking sooo hot? :/ loved the whole look :) Esp the green shoes! Well, I am now turning GREEN with envy :D :D

  2. Hi manju!! Thank you sooo much :) xxxxxxxxx

  3. yuck u look like a old mallu aunty

    1. Haha. Losers like you just wait for an opportunity to say something bad about her. Go get laid.

  4. First of all, if you're going to criticize her, be bold enough to leave your name. Secondly, It's "an" old lady, not "a". Brush up on your grammar before displaying out your jealousy in words here. Thirdly, It's an option for you to go through her blog. You don't have to keep stalking her.

  5. Love this look. I love the bracelet. Where from ?