Monday, April 23, 2012

Shopoholism Treat or Threat ? ........

Hope every one has been enjoying the lovely weather..... before it gets toooo hot in a few weeks.

I have been working on a few pieces recently to blog about, and then came across a very interesting article " Women who feel ignored seek out expensive fashion brands with prominent logos". Well its only natural that it's us women, who are the most addicted to shopping more than men. It is our nature isn't it-? To shop till we drop and max out all the credit cards by shopping all the expensive brands that our heart desires!


We don’t always shop because we need something ... that's is usually very rare. In fact when we need something in particular we will surely find it somewhere hidden in our closet (ha-ha), yet we choose to ignore it and have that as an excuse to call our friends in panic and go shopping.  Shopoholism can start as fun but end up very badly and dangerous, in some cases turns into an addiction like gambling, alcoholism etc., where you have no control and have to keep buying and buying and buying which WILL eventually put you in a financial rut.

Why do we HAVE to shop ?

We shop when we have nothing else going right in our day - This is one of the common reasons for us to shop. If our day is going bad, I'm sure many of you have done this, " chuck everything else aside and just head to the mall", thinking oh what the hell some retail therapy wont hurt me!! This attitude eventually leads to impulsive shopping. How many of you'll stop to think if you really need it?? Or where you would wear or if you will wear it? Is there enough space in the closet to store it? ! Not many I can assure you, according to our research almost 90% of the people have bought something or the other that they might or might just wear it once or in some cases never - It might lie around your closet for a few months or even year and then eventually goes into charity. 

Shopping spree based on our mood!  - I think this is “the” main reason for Shopoholism. We shop depending on our mood, when we have a fight or an argument with some one, we go shopping, when we feel sad, angry or depressed, we go shopping, when we are happy excited or feeling adventurous, we go shopping, hence shopping for items are highly based on our mood. Its true retail is the best therapy, at least for most of us it is. It makes us cheerful when you walk into shops and look at stuff try them on and then finally the contentment of owning it, surely changes your mood for the better. I lost count of the shoes I have in my closet and I can't recall when I got some of them and why I did! Lets just admit, that we all just love to shop, and we create reasons and excuses for it. 

 Temptations - Another major reason for compulsive shopping! We are tempted every day with different types of advertisements by retailers. Today the retail industry is highly competitive and they all keep having different sales and other promotions to attract the customers. The moment we see something that is a bargain or those shoes or dress you loved so much is on sale you have to buy ASAP, assuming the price is great or may be it will run out!! Only, in another week it has further reductions! But lets admit we will never learn, we can’t stop!! Once we set our mind to have it, there is no satisfaction until we buy it, and then we walk into another shop see a better deal a better style we buy that too!! We know this in our minds that sales will always occur every season; there will be more promotions etc., yet we have very little self-control. It’s an addiction, a weakness!!!

There are many reason and excuses we do create in order to shop! Like keeping up to the trends of the season, look different, being fashionable, end of season sales etc., but be honest with your self, out of the 100 % in your closet, how much of it have you actually just worn once or not worn at all??  I’m sure there is at least 10-20 % of clothes, shoes, accessories that you have yet to wear, or have been kept to wear “ some day “ like that part of the closet you buy assuming one day u will eventually fit into!!

We still complain every day, what to wear, I have nothing no clothes!!  There is no end to this; it’s a vicious circle!  Bottom line we love shopping, and as long as we know how to control our addiction, it will be fine, but the moment you cross the line, then its trouble. Shop wisely guys, enjoy it but be wise about 
it !

Hugz !!
X's and O's
Taash !

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