Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bad Hair Day?

Firstly, we apologize for having been MIA for so long-We have been so caught up with our High Summer and Ramadan collection, the office is crazy,and if you come by the design office at Centre Mall, do look for us under the pile of production samples.

Today let's talk about bad hair days, where your locks decide to be plain stubborn and take over your entire look-Its happened to us quite a few times. With summer coming in, we all can expect frequent bad hair days but don't worry!! We've picked out our top 5 Bad hair day hairdos and once you've mastered the art of creating a chic look out of dry, dull, lifeless hair you will be prepared for almost anything that comes your way.

Number 5: The bed head bun
Not many can pull this one off, and although it takes a little back combing and a volumising spray, we guarantee an instant chic look right out of the runway.
Use two different colored headbands to add a pop of color in between the pouf, to keep up with the trends-color blocking on the hair. Oh we love it.
All you need to do is create a bee hive by back combing the top portion of your hair and stretch the bands around.(Always wear your elasticated band on your neck before starting). Use bobby pins to secure the second band as it may bounce off the back. Tie a pony tail, Back comb with some hair spray and just twist and pin sections of hair to create a messy bun!

Number 4: The dry shampoo
Oily hair and cant stand it? No time to shower? Here's a tip. Use a dry shampoo before stepping out. Dont have one? Use baby powder! This works just as well.
Take some baby powder in one hand and with the other hand massage some into the roots of your hair and leave for 5-10 minutes. Just before stepping out, Dust out the powder from your hair.
The powder instantly absorbs all the grease from your hair.
After the dry powder trick, always finger-comb your hair and scrunch for volume and that bed-head look.

Number 3: Plaited stories:
One of the easiest ways to get a chic look out of unmanageable hair is to go crazy with plaits! Braid them in any style- french, waterfall, dutch, fish, etc. You can also tie a ponytail, braid it and create  bun, a la SJP.We love her !!!

Number 2: The greasy look
Not everybody's favorite, but if done right , you can look like a supermodel, right out of the runway. Last season all the designers at fashion week showcased garments on models with greased hair- loose or tied up. The easiest way is to side part the hair and secure the bun tightly at the nape of your neck. Keep the eyes smoky, bronzed cheekbones and nude lips. Trust us- this is a very sexy look for a night out.

Number 1: Accessorizing the top knot:
The top knot has always been the quick fix to bad hair days. Add a headband, an over sized bow or a corsage to give a little something extra. Our favorite updo hair styles come from Dulce Candy's hair tutorial videos. You can find it here :

Do feel free to leave us comments or some of your tips for bad hair days !!


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