Sunday, October 18, 2015


Sorry guys! This post has been long overdue and I've honestly been away for so long because I've been so busy planning my engagement. Seriously guys, 7 days a week is not enough. I feel time is going by super fast and I barely get the time to blog, which is why I try and be super active on instagram and Snapchat!
Moving on, this look was shot in Kerala, when I visited Athirapilli and Vazchal Falls. It was beautiful and inhabited by monkeys that follow you everywhere until you give them food!
On a different note,I cannot wait to start my engagement series. I would really love to share my experience planning a huge event and my recommendations and such. I should be stating the series by the first week of November so make sure you're all following me on Snapchat as well to get some BTS action. (@ashwathysk)

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