Monday, September 14, 2015


Let me start of this post by apologizing for not posting sooner, as promised- It was only because my network was terrible over the last few weeks!
As most of you know, I spent the last three weeks in Kerala, India at my family house and was later joined by my BFF/ Photographer Suaad. Apart from sight seeing , watching GOT and shopping for the perfect outfit  for a huge milestone in my life, I did manage to get a few blog photos taken.While I was there, I gave most of my usual styles a break and re-discovered my college days ,sticking to loose cotton kurtis and leggings. I even ditched make up  on most days, and yes, this includes my statement winged eyeliner. I kept my style rather minimal throughout and only  really accessorized with a pair a sunglasses or dainty gold chains and a watch.
Below are a few places to check out, if you ever visit Kerala :

  1. Athirapilli & Vazachal Falls- Located in the middle of dense forests, these falls are famous shoot locations and have been taken over by monkeys that will stop you and signal you to give them food.
  2. Fort Kochi- A ferry ride away from Cochin, discover a gem of a village that's swarming with tourists and have csome amazing places to dine- Think Kashi's Art Cafe.
  3. Alleppy- Backwaters, House boats and more greenery than the usual, this is the place to visit for the real feel of Kerala.
  4. Lulu Mall- Now it may not sound like where're you'd want to go, buut its completely different from the Lulu we have here. Apart from the hypermarket, the mall has a lot of designer brands, food courts and local design labels. Claimed to be one of the biggest malls in India, Lulu is definitely worth a visit.
  5. Goodwill's- Situated in Ernakulam, this is every accessory hoarders dream. From traditional semi precious jewelry to imitation and modern pieces, Goodwill is a place I visit every single time I'm in Kerala.
  6. Seematti and Jayalakshmi Silks- Both competing to be the biggest bridal destinations in Cochin, these two places  offer amazing  sarees, something a woman must own after a trip to India!

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  1. Such fresh pictures! It's great to see you in a laid back outfit and it looks like you were totally relaxed here. Kerala has been in my list of vacation destinations for a long time now. It just doesn't happen. urghh. Well, soon soon..

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