Monday, August 10, 2015

Crossing the Line

Sale time is my favorite end to every season. Be it the Mid Season sale or End of Season Sale, it’s always nice to find a few pieces at a cheaper price. I obviously am a very picky shopper. I don’t buy occasion / smart dresses during  sale but I do stock up on basics like plain tees, leggings denims and casual dresses.  I also love stocking up on other basics like hair ties, clips, bobby pins and such. Don’t be afraid of buying basics in every color- they’ll all come in handy very often. I personally pick up basic tees and tanks in every color possible and if my favorite pair of continuity leggings are marked 30% down, I buy 2 to 3 pairs.
Moving on, as my hemlines get shorter in summer here, I’m soon going to change up my style a little along with my surroundings. Yep, I’m travelling to my homeland  this Thursday and I can’t wait to take you all on a virtual tour with me as I roam the streets, discover new places and of course BTS scenes from all my shoots. I’m also going on a huge shopping spree so you can stay connected with me via Instagram to feed back your thoughts .
Until the next post, which will go live from Kerala, much love.

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