Thursday, June 4, 2015


Green is one of my favorite colors. Emerald green in particular, but somehow all the shades in the green color family appeal to me. Be it mint green, olive green, forest green or richer jewel tones, they all speak to me louder than any other color.
Although this olive green shade is more fall than summer, the style makes it so apt for the current weather situation on the Island. I’m all about side split tops and this version is one of my favorites because of the color and fabrication.
Perfect for summer, side split tops can be worn so many ways , depending on your style. Over jeans, shorts or skirts, the peek-a-boo hip bearing style is so popular and an easy, fuss free look for weekends or simply running errands.
I paired it with ripped cropped jeggings and my precious rose gold sandals. I absolutely love rose gold and to find shoes like these on sale was a celebration for me!
On another note, I’ve got some great new summer makeup tips coming your way, so stay tuned for that! These are all tried and tested methods and my current routine has me looking flawless all day and I cannot wait to share it with you guys!

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