Monday, June 8, 2015

Bollywood Glam Tutorial

As most of you know, I absolutely love getting all dressed up for Indian weddings and events. Right from my outfit to my makeup, hair and accessories, I put in a lot of thought about how to stay true to my style and keep it unique. Breaking away from the norm, I try to mix up different pieces  to create something new and exciting every time I attend an Indian function.I love dramatic makeup for Indian wear and so I’ve put together an easy, go-to look you can recreate yourself. Swap shadow and lipstick and colors to what you think would suit you/ your outfit better and you’ve got yourself an easy look you can sport with your ethnic outfit!A few things to remember:Crease colors are always darker than the base color.Invest in a good quality brush set- Blending brushes are very important!Use a primer before anything. It will help hold the product in much longer and make make-up application smoother.

To watch the full video, click HERE.

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