Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ashrafs - Not your typical Electronics Destination

I recently had the chance to visit Ashrafs renovated flagship store that I once thought was all about electronics.To my surprise, the store carried some amazing products and brands, some of which were Faces, Lalique, Dantelle, Deschamps, Sony and Tommy Hilfiger Home, to name a few. While I used to think that Ashrafs wasn't really my thing- a place that I wouldn't really shop at, at the moment (seeing that I'm unmarried and not setting up home yet), I never really paid attention to the store. 

After my visit and discovering all the great corners of the store that covered electronics, beauty, home wear and their very own cafe, it actually made me realize that they had so much more to offer than just gadgets.
What surprised me even more (apart from the lovely cafe ) was the fact that they had an exclusive Wedding Registry which makes it simpler for friends and family to buy the perfect gift to celebrate one’s big day.
Every area of the shop is segregated by brands creating a shop-in-shop concept, making it easier for customers to find their target and shop. Obviously, I was drawn to Faces and also a beautiful corner in the shop that carried really girly and cute home accessories.

While I was under the impression that Ashrafs was a shopping destination for older men and women , including newly married couples, It's actually a store that even a teen can walk into to pick out accessories for her bedroom or even a hot spot for a bunch of college kids to hang out (at the Ashraf's Cafe).
Whats also great about the place is that unlike a crowded mall, you actually have the luxury to shop in a less crowded store and have a rich shopping experience that takes care of all your needs.

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  1. hi, where is your top from?

    1. Hey! It's from Bahrain Fashion House on instagram .:)