Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sheer Breeze

 The month has been so busy for me. From travels to events, new collaborations and interviews, I’m finally getting the time to blog about this look.
The sun rays are getting stronger and more clearer as we breeze by the month and I swear by linen. I love how lightweight and comfortable they can be for Middle East summers. This breezy dipped hem top in a linen mix is just the perfect addition to my closet as a key piece. Not only is it unique, it’s also a great layering piece. Worn over shorts, trousers or even skirt, this top helps me create so many easy looks and how! I 've been experimenting with new shapes, silhouettes and prints and it's fun to play around with different styles. I added in a deep red to the shades of grey and black to add some dept to the color palette. A high, double ponytail added some length to my hair, while also showing off the high backwards collar!

Moving on, I have some exciting news that I cannot wait to share with you guys, so until I officially reveal it, don’t forget to enter yourself in my style contest. Simply check out my instagram page @askthestylecouncil for rules!

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