Monday, June 3, 2013

Easy Bloke

 One of my favorite layering pieces for summer is denim but off late, it has been extremely hot on the island and so the best thing to switch to would be chambray.
I know layering is not even needed during summer, but I hate the fact that as soon as I enter the mall, I feel chilly. So if you're like me and need light layers, chambray is perfect to work a denim-like look! Also, I love how this outfit gives off a boyish look.You can also work tank tops with button down chiffon blouses and denim skirts.
You've seen the extremely girly side of me, skirts, pink lips and it's about time you saw this as well. I like to be more relaxed during the weekends and that means no heels and hair out of my face!
P.S: I love my new armswag from Aldo. I've been wearing all of them for a week now and they go with everything...OK not everything.. but you know what I mean...

Tee & Chinos:HM, Shirt:Koton, Armswag and bag:Aldo, Shoes:Zara, Necklace:NewLook
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  1. Super duper love this look on you! You look amazing in all your posts :)