Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flower Power !

 Floral dresses for summer? Yes please! And by floral,I mean delicate prints. Not garish loud, overcrowded and over-sized flowers, but small or medium oriental prints. Even better if the print is on white!
Remember, when picking out dresses to wear during the summer, It's always best to stick to un-blended fabrics. Like cotton and linen. Try avoiding rough, coarse material, or poly-cotton (polyester being more) Although it may seem lightweight, you'll only end up feeling uncomfortable and cranky in the heat.

On another note, Sorry I haven't been blogging much off late, I've been super busy with a lot of events and sometimes by the time I get back home all I want to do is nothing. Lol. I love what I do and how far I've come with the blog but sometimes it gets very hard to maintain and I'm sure you guys will forgive me for the delays because I have a number of great reviews and posts lined up for the coming weeks!

Dress:Quiz, Shoes:Spring, Clutch:Centrepoint, Armswag:Assorted

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  1. lovelyyy dress! :)