Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Stockings with shorts and now Scarves...

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Stockings worn with shorts and skirts were my first tip to phasing into fall. I posted about my love for stockings worn under shorts (Try it out yourself ladies) on my FB page a few days back and here's the second- Scarves! Its no secret that I love scarves- in all colors and prints. I love wearing them with almost everything,which is why I eagerly wait until winter to pull out my chunky knits. 

It isn't winter yet, which is why I'm only still wearing cotton scarves. I used up a voucher I received on nothing but scarves last weekend and boy am I glad to have picked out the last piece of this gorgeous printed number. Yay.

On another note, I've started wearing my top knot higher than the usual. Don't be shocked if its on my face the next post. Haha. Jay Kay!

Until the next post,

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  1. Love this put together. Sexy shoes. I love your eyes. Mashallah you are beautiful.