Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cherry Pie

 Box shaped dresses can be tricky to wear, especially if you are under 5’4 . The easiest way to work a box-shaped dress in your favorite color is to pair it with heels. Never wear them with flats as it can create an illusion to make you look shorter and stouter. If you need to pair it with a coat or blazer, opt for a cropped coat or blazer instead of longer ones as they’re so much more flattering and pleasant to the eye.

In this look, because my dress is somewhere in between a box and a skater shape, I paired it with a striped cardigan and sparkly heels to draw the attention to my legs. A taut, high pony tail adds height and looks neater than windswept hair with this outfit. While I once hated loose dresses that didn't hug my waistline, I now learned to love them.

So don’t be afraid of the unfamiliar, just learn to work them!

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  1. Where did you get your cardigan from? Its beautiful x

  2. Thank you :) . Its New Look, about 3 years old though, :(

  3. can you tell me where you got your stockings from and if they stay long? Mine never lasts for more than a single wear.

  4. It's from BHS and yes they do not tear easy. Look for the pack that days ladder resist tights. Those are really good. Also, here's a tip_ if you notice a small tear on your tights when you are getying dressed to go out and can't do much, use a top coat nail polish over it to stop the ladder ing temporarily.