Monday, December 22, 2014

Fall-ing for you

“Winter’ on the island has been rather disappointing this year. With barely any temperatures prodding us to get into cashmere or chunky knits, one can only assume that winter won’t be in full swing on the island of Bahrain. When the national lights were out this time last year, my friends and I were wrapped up in layers of warm clothing, and were still feeling chilly!
Winter, being my favorite season, it has been extremely hard for me to come to terms with the fact that it might not get that cold this time around, and while we are all trying to make the best out of our knits and leather bits, I’ve learned a couple of do’s and don’ts that seem fitting for the current climate.
Wear coats, jackets or blazers as a layering piece- They’re in better, breathable fabric than sweaters, and can be taken off if needed.
Wear mid / Ankle length boots. I wore my suede knee-highs recently and felt like I was the Christmas turkey roast special at Nigella’s kitchen.
Sweatshirts are great for a relaxed look, provided you wear a lightweight tee underneath for the day time.
Wear Capes and ponchos for the night. Capes, ponchos and blanket coats are more a style statement than actually being practical and right now, that’s all you really need.
Wear anti-bacterial socks/ panty hose when wearing ankle boots during the day.

Wear knits in direct contact with skin. Angora, Cashmere, chunky cable knits and other woolen clothing can be quite irritating in the daytime when the sun decides to show. Apart from the fact that it can be uncomfortable, it is also unhygienic to have a tiny amount of sweat mix with the fabrication, which can build up bacteria and a foul odor.
Wear knee high leather or suede boots during the day time. Save these for the night where there’s no sun to make you sweat in your shoes.
Wear gloves or knitted berets during the DAY time just yet. These items, like boots restrict air flow and can cause sweat build up. 

The weather has improved slightly. Let’s just hope that it gets cooler and we get a taste of winter before the sun comes shining back in all it’s (ugh) splendor. Yes, I detest summer.

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Shirt and Skirt: Camaieu, Bag: Mango, Boots: F21, Coat: Zara


  1. Love the boots, you look tall and lean and cute.

  2. Hi Ashwathy, loving this look and your makeup is just perfect!
    I was away from blogging for a long while indeed. But am back now :)
    Wish you a merry Christmas!