Saturday, January 30, 2016

Engagement Diaries

Hey guys! Firsty, so sorry for the lack o0f posts and secondly, so sorry for the dealy in posting details about my engagement. So many of you have been requesting this since December and I finally had the time to sit down and blog. As busy as my days are getting, I am trying to find the time to blog. so until I get back to the usual grind, do follow my Insta account @askthestylecouncil and Snapchat @ ashwathysk for mini posts and reviews.
Moving on, lets get straight to the details of my engagement look. I opted to go for a bright colour, and this Pink- Red ombre lehenga with mirror work and huge buttis was the perfect one. I draped the dupatta in a very unusual style, with the corner as the starting point on my shoulder that was draped around the back and brought to the front. The pleats were secured with pins and held to my waist with a delicate Gold belt.My accessories were all from Sia, except the bangles, which were handpicked from India.
My hair, ofcouse was the magic of my favourite Nabil Ghanem at Gloss Salon and my makeup was by Najla- Al- Bastaki.
If you guys have any more questions, feel free to leave me comments or mail me and I'll get back to you!

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Lehenga- Aanchal Bridals, Banagalore, Jewellery- Sia, Malabar Gold, Devji, Hair- Nabil Ghanem, Gloss Salon, Makeup-Najla Al Bastaki


  1. Looking pretty!! This is totally out of context.Would like to know about your MK bag and where u got it from??

    1. Thank you! I got it at Michael Kors , Bahrain city centre. Was a gift from my fiance :)

    2. Is it a medium? thankyou for replying

  2. Hello Ashwathy...I'm a bride to be and Ill be travelling to Blore for shopping..could you tell me where exactly this shop is located and also can you tell me how much would it cost me? approx? TIA.


  3. I think I expected a bit more from you..have always thought u dress very differently but you have chosen something so common and nothing unique which def disappointed me a bit being a fan..neverthless pretty

  4. Congratulations Dear!! You look gorgeous!!

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