Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Roll out the carpet.

Dont deny it- All of us wait for the oscars every year, not to find out who bagged the awards, but to see who wore what -on the red carpet.
We do. We love to stalk every single celebrity every year to find out if they have been reading the fashion rule book, breaking the rules, or making their own.
Here's what we thought about some of the celebrities who got it right(or thought they did) this year.

Gweneth Paltrow-
This is one of the best looks on the red carpet this year. Not too overdone. She looks gorgeous and so classy in this white Tom Ford number. She has nailed the cape over the shoulders look, Without making it look like shes a descendant of wonder woman.We are not a  big fan of the loose pony tail though-a loose updo would have been better.But all is forgiven in that dress Gwen!

Michelle Williams-
There are pros and cons to this orange Louis Vuitton dress that Michelle decided to wear.
Pros? The color is gorgeous, she's bang on trend with the peplum bodice and the fitted skirt.
Cons?Blondes shouldnt wear orange, The tail at the back is so unflattering and the corseted back looks tacky , and we like to think they ran out of fabric and used her grandmothers girdle to complete the dress.
So yes, the Cons overweigh the pros and Michelle, you've dissapointed us this year.

Angelina Jolie-
Although she looks stunning in this velvet black Atelier Versace gown,We cant help but point out that Jennifer Aniston had already been there , done that last year. She tried to pull off an Aniston classic with the all black- Thigh high slit dress and leg sticking out. Jen did it first and pulled off the pose, but all the news about Ange's leg is totally hyped up. We dont really like the pose- While AJ desperately tries to jutt out her leg to show some skin and prove theres a slit on the dress, Jen does it gracefully, without even trying.

Emma Stone-
She looks gorgeous in her Giambattista Valli couture chiffon dress, but again, looks like Emma has been taking lessons from Nicole Kidman who rocked the Oversized neck knot a while back.
The hair is boring Emma, but like Gweneth, You too are forgiven- thank your dress.

 Penelope Cruz-
Shes so gorgeous in this Flowing dusty blue gown-the fabric looks like its made out of glass,but i think penelope always plays it safe, and thats never stylish! Same hair, same prom-esque dress, same look. We'd like to see PC in a coral, back revealing number or a bold , daring- printed version.

Sandra Bullock-
Last year she was on the best dressed list, but this year Sandra's ill-fitting monochromatic look has failed to impress on the red carpet. The pony tail is so last season and the shape of the dress does absolutely nothing for her. Sack her stylist!

Katy Perry-
This is what KP wore to Elton John's after party and this is one of the best looks out of all! She looks so glamorous in her sequinned Blumarine dress. Her hair is gorgeous - she can pull off almost any look (and any color on her hair).
We are drooling over her look this year. And katy, its a 10.1 on 10 for you !!
Sigh !

What did you guys think? share your fav oscar looks with us!!

Xs and Os,

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